A native of Alabama, Hayley graduated from The University of Alabama in 2000, where she studied Interior Design.  She continued her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design in the Master of Fine Arts Program in Painting. 

A self-proclaimed vagabond of the Deep South, Hayley's sentiment for bygone attitudes depicts the vibrant slow-pace of Southern afternoons. Her recent collection of figurative paintings captures the complexity and vitality of the American South.  Her palette is vivacious, bold, and full of life.  Preferring turquoise blues, olive greens, muted tones and unfinished background surfaces, her palette is distinct. Hayley’s technique of evaporating background into swarthy brushstrokes allows time into the work, the acknowledgment of memory, which is imperfect, always unfinished, and congruous to the retro aesthetic and mood.

Hayley lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.