Instead of purchasing gifts for friends and family throughout Christmas time a few years back, Hayley Gaberlavage and Benjamin Massey decided to make everyone they knew birdhouses. The Birdhouses were a great success thanks to Hayley’s artistic skills coupled with Ben’s carpentry skills and design ideas. Hayley + Ben quickly began developing other products ranging from candle holders, greeting cards, furniture, knick-knacks and other oddities for everyday life. With many of these products, Hayley + Ben try to reuse and repurpose old salvaged wood from around the New Orleans area that would typically be discarded, which in turn gives their objects a place and a story. Most of their objects are not stand-alone products; they are left incomplete only to be completed by owner engaging with it and inserting a flower, a wine bottle, a family of birds, or a conversation. Hayley + Ben’s objects strive to enhance life by adding small glimpses of beauty to the everyday.